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Welcome to Hinoki World

Welcome to Hinoki World, we wish everyone healthy and be peaceful during the epidemic.
This is the first blog post from us and we are deeply sorrow for the special situation. In this moment, showing humanity, caring, and spreading love is the best way to bless people and go through this situation together. Be strong and connected.

Our team wish you and all frontline medical fighters could stand still, healthy, and be protected. We thank and respect your kind act.
Let’s share the love and caring with your family, friends and neighbours. We are all as one to fight against virus.


Hinoki Silver Ion Fabric Mask is available now.

 Suitable for 3 years old or up
 Silver Ion Fabric are tested and franchised in US
 Polyester 48%, Tencel 52%
 Simple hand wash or machine wash is accepted
 Don’t bleach
 Made in Hong Kong

A ) Almost Mauve
B ) Marshmallow Pink
C ) Soothing Green
1) 14 x 12cm (For 3-6 yrs old**)
2) 17 x 15cm (For 6-12 yrs old**)
3) 22 x 15cm (For Adult**)
**Size tolerance +/-5%


HK199/pc included one time SF courier service for Hong Kong delivery only. Please inbox message for your order.
Shop the mask here

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