About Hinoki

Welcome Hinoki

Hinoki is a modern parental brand which integrates pioneer ergonomics designs and technological fabrics into our suite of products. All our innovations are driven by trademarked technology Sanitized® that offers antimicrobial hygiene function and material protection to bring you a life of ease and comfort .

Our Mission

Hinoki has the best interest of parents and their children at heart. With our innovations powered by winning technology, Hinoki’s mission is to empower parents with a solution for them and their child to live in a clean and safe environment. Our collections are made of the highest quality materials so that they can stand the test of time and accompany your child on a journey of growth.


Brand Value

We all strive to provide a better, safer and more loving world to our babies and children. However, we are threatening by the environmental challenge with all kinds of pollution, germs and bacteria; there is an urge to increase protection for our loved ones.
Our company is built on the mission to protect our children from harmful environment. Inspired by the respected Japanese Cypress, Hinoki the timber of which is used to build shelters and the essential oil of which is a natural sterilizing agent.
Hinoki utilizes cutting edge technology to develop products that provide the best protection. For instance, our feature products are using high innovative materials that could kill 99.9% of bacteria. Using our products, you can be empowered to provide best environment for your children from harmful bacteria.
Hinoki will continually innovate and create different products to ensure we can provide the best guardians for our children.